Delivering a Frictionless Customer Experience: A Game of Snakes and Ladders

Creating a frictionless customer experience is one of the top agendas for companies today. Done well, you can boost customer loyalty and build a powerful differentiator that moves you away from competing on price, to competing on what customers most want: a seamless, personalized, and empowering experience.
Posted: 星期三 13 十一月 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Here to Help You with Product Recommendations

Kentico EMS is a pretty extensible platform for executing diverse marketing scenarios. The scenario that resonates with organizations generating revenue through their digital e-commerce sites and applications is running the AI-powered product recommendation system to display products that customers are bound to like.
Posted: 星期三 13 十一月 2019

Introducing Headless API for Kentico EMS

Besides the exciting introduction of our new brand, September has brought a new Kentico Kontent API integration which is now available for Kentico EMS. This integration is great news for everybody who needs effortless content delivery to multiple channels and streamlined publishing to websites and applications utilizing modern front-end technologies.
Posted: 星期三 13 十一月 2019

Why Customers Are Hooked on Personalized Experiences

71% of consumers are frustrated by an impersonal shopping experience and 93% of companies report greater success in converting leads into customers when they personalize their marketing. Research shows that delivering personalized content tailored to your customer’s specific interests increases impulse purchases, total spend, and repeat custom, and has been proven to boost brand loyalty, too!
Posted: 星期三 13 十一月 2019

Kentico Announcing New Pricing and Licensing Structure

We are announcing changes in pricing and licensing structure that will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

This redesigned structure greatly simplifies our licensing model, allows for different budgeting approaches, covers various scales of implementations, and provides an additional value for modern tech-stack projects.

Posted: 星期三 13 十一月 2019

Moving to Content as a Service with Kentico Kontent

Today, we're introducing a new brand and finalize our transition to Content as a Service. Kentico Kontent helps organizations unify their content and gain control over the entire content lifecycle.
Posted: 星期二 24 九月 2019

A Fresh Coat of Paint for Kentico Cloud's Interface

In the coming days, Kentico Cloud will be rolling out some long overdue changes in the app's interface. A fresh coat of paint, if you will. So what kind of changes have been made, and why? Read on…
Posted: 星期二 24 九月 2019


Posted: 星期一 19 八月 2019

Gartner 新研究将肯蒂科定位为 2019 年网络内容管理魔力象限中的挑战者


我们又做了一次!Gartner 将我们命名为"魔力象限挑战者"。连续四年,我们根据执行能力和愿景完整性,被 Gartner 评为网络内容管理魔力象限中的挑战者。
Posted: 星期五 16 八月 2019


如果您没有再考虑数字体验平台 (DXP),那么您可能错过了!原因如下...
Posted: 星期二 06 八月 2019
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